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GPCR signaling-related publications

33. Du Y, Duc NM, Rasmussen SGF, Hilger D, Kubiak X, Wang L, Bohon J, Kim HR, Wegrecki M, Asuru A, Jeong KM, Lee JM, Chance MR, Lodowski DT*, Kobilka BK*, Chung KY*. Assembly of a GPCR-G protein complex. Cell. 2019:177(5):1232-1242.e11. (*Corresponding authors)

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28. Liu H, Kim HR, Deepak RNVK, Wan L, Chung KY, Fan H, Wei Z, and Zhang C. Orthosteric and allosteric action of the C5a receptor antagonists. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 2018:25(6):472-481.

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1. Chung KY and Walker JW. Interaction and inhibitory cross-talk between endothelin and ErbB receptors in the adult heart. Molecular Pharmacology. 2007:71(6):1494-502.


Other protein structure-related publications

12. Park BB, Choi JW, Park Y, Choi D, Paek J, Kim HJ, Son S-Y, Mushtaq AU, Shin H, Kim SH, Zhou Y, Lim TH, Park JY, Baek J-Y, Kim K, Kwon H, Son SH, Chung KY, Jeong H-J, Kim H-M, Jung WY, Lee K, Lee K, Byun Y, Jeon YH. Structure-activity relationships of Baicalein and its analogs as novel TSLP inhibitors. Scientific Reports. Accepted.

11. Jang S, Kang C, Yang H-S, Jung T, Hebert H, Chung KY, Hohng S, and Song J-J. Structural basis of recognition and destabilization of histone H2B ubiquitinated nucleosome by DOT1L histone H3 Lys79 methyltransferase. Genes & Development. 2019:33(11-22):620-625.

10. Giladi M, Lee SY, Refaeli B, Hiler R, Chung KY*, Khananshvili D*. Structure-dynamic and functional relationships in a Li+-transporting sodium-calcium exchanger mutant. BBA-Bioenergetics. 2019:1860(3):189-200. (*Corresponding author)

9. Han SS, Min MK, Lee SY, Lim CW, Bhatnagar N, Lee Y, Shin D, Chung KY, Lee SC, Kim BG, and Lee S. Modulation of ABA Signaling by Altering VxGΦL Motif of PP2Cs in Oryza sativa. Molecular Plant. 2017:10(9):1190-1205.

8. Giladi M, Lee SY, Ariely Y, Teldan Y, Granit R, Strulevich R, Haitin Y, Chung KY*, and Khananshvili D*. Structure-based dynamic diversity in regulatory domains of sodium-calcium exchanger (NCX) isoforms. Scientific Reports. 2017:7:993. (*Corresponding author)

7. Lee SY, Yoo HS, Choi HS, Chung KY*, and Seo MD*. Structural and dynamic insights into the subtype-specific IP3 binding mechanism of IP3 receptor. Biochemical Journal. 2016:473(20):3533-3543. (*Corresponding author)

6. Lee SY, Giladi M, Bohbot H, Hiller R, Chung KY*, and Khananshvili D*. Structure-dynamic basis of splicing dependent regulation in tissue-specific variants of the sodium-calcium exchanger (NCX1). FASEB Journal. 2016:30(3):1356-1366. (*Corresponding author)

5. Lee KY, Choi HS, Choi HS, Chung KY, Lee BJ, Maeng HJ, and Seo MD. Quercetin directly interacts with vitamin D (VDR): Structural implication of VDR activation by quercetin. Biomolecules and Therapeutics. 2016:24(2):191-198.

4. Lee YS, Yoon WS, Chung I, Chung KY, Won HS, and Seo MD. Backbone NMR assignments of an uncharacterized protein, SF1002 from Shigella flexneri 5a M90T. Journal of the Korean Magnetic Resonance Society. 2015:19:36-41.

3. Kim HN, Seok SH, Chung KY, Won HS, Son WS, and Seo MD. Expression, purification and structural characterization of the type 1-specific ATP binding site of IP3 receptor (IP3R1-ATPA). Process Biochemistry. 2015:50(10):1600-1606.

2. Giladi M, Lee SY, Hiller R, Chung KY* and Khananshvili D*. Structure-Dynamic Determinants Governing a Mode of Regulatory Response and Propagation of Allosteric Signal in Splice Variants of Na+/Ca2+ Exchange (NCX) Proteins. Biochemical Journal. 2015:465(3):489-501 (* Corresponding author)

1. Park JY, Duc NM, Kim DK, Lee SY, Li S, Seo MD, Woods VL Jr, and Chung KY*. Different Conformational Dynamics of PDZ1 and PDZ2 in Full-length EBP50 Analyzed by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry. Biochemistry and Cell Biology. 2015:93(4):290-7. (*Corresponding author)



6. Lee M, Park H, Jeon SW, Bang J, Chung KY, Choi DW, Kim E, and Lim KM. Novel anti-melanogenic hexapeptoids, PAL-10 and PAL-12. Archives of Dermatological Research. 2015:307(3):249-57.

5. Kim K, Bae ON, Lim KM, Noh JY, Kang S, Chung KY, and Chung JH. Novel anti-platelet activity of protocatechuic acid through inhibition of high shear stress-induced aggregation. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2012:343(3):704-11.

4. Lim KM, Kim JS, Bae ON, Noh JY, Chung SM, Chung KY, and Chung JH. Co-oxidation-mediated xenobiotic activation and cytotoxicity by 12-lipoxygenase in intact platelets. Toxicology. 2008:247(2-3):154-60.

3. Chung KY, Lim KM, Chung SM, Lee MY, Noh JY, Bae ON and Chung JH. Shear stress-induced pH increase in plasma is mediated by a decrease in P(CO(2)): the increase in pH enhances shear stress-induced P-selectin expression in platelets. Platelets. 2006:17(3):127-33.

2. Chung KY, Lee SJ, Chung SM, Lee MY, Bae ON and Chung JH. Generation of free radical by interaction of iron with thiols in human plasma and its possible significance. Thrombosis Research. 2005:116(2):157-64.

1. Bae ON, Lee JY, Chung GY, Chung SM, Lee MY, Yun YP, Kim YC, Moon CK and Chung JH. Enhanced menadione cytotoxicity in platelets isolated from streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Thrombosis Research. 2003:111(3):179-83.


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